Design Services

Let us take care of everything for you.

Product design includes a series of processes, from the circuit design in the very beginning, 3D graphics, to the mold development at the tail-end and mass production. In the increasingly competitive lighting industry, it costs a lot to deal with both design/production and marketing, and it is likely to lose everything when the resources of the company are widely scattered around.

Kaoyi has been focusing on the ODM field for decades, having the most advanced technology and a production process with vertical integration, so we can arrange everything prior to sales for you.
In the lighting industry, we are your best partner.

Kaoyi Design


Kaoyi has been focusing on lighting power and control for decades.
From the ballast, transformer, dimmer to today's LED driver, digital dimmer, and smart lighting control.
We know the trend and history in the world of lighting.
This enables us to formulate the right direction for the products, get into the right market at the right time, and make win-win situations for us.

User Experience

Technology is created for people.
We love taking challenges in order to improve product features and details. We focus on the details in order to make users have better experience.

We understand that each culture is unique.
So we continue to gather information and improve our product.
During the cooperation, we hope that we can understand local culture and demands with communication, and then provide the best experience for the users with our expertise.


We always insist that our products must be environmentally-friendly. Therefore, we have made a lot of efforts in all aspects, including the selection of eco-friendly materials, the improvement of product efficiency and so on.

Our products are all with five-year warranty, but we design them for much longer. What we want to achieve is to make our products beyond your expectation and make an effort to protect the environment. Behind all the effort is our commitment to the customers and the environment.
Because we know that power and control devices are the foundation of lighting.
Once the foundation collapses, nothing can last.


All along, technology has been the cornerstone that drives the future. We believe that only continuous research and development can sustain a company.
On the one hand, we cooperate with major electronics corporations, on the other hand we develop our own patent technology and circuit, coordinated with the latest communications and internet technology, to design the best lighting power supply and control device.

And in our co-development, these technologies will become the backbone of all, helping us realize our ambition and create breath-taking works.

Design Service Advantages

Optimal Compatibility

As it’s a redesign product for you, it can completely match your own devices and optimize their efficiency and performance.


After product design service is completed, our customers have the exclusive right to sell this product. In the whole world, no company will have the same product as yours.

Customized Appearance and Function

The Unique design and features make your product distinctive, in line with local habits and different from your competitors.


The cooperation between two companies is bound to generate a lot of sparks and bring out many unexpected ideas.
And the evolution and realization of these ideas are what we always enjoy.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.