Kaoyi was established in Taiwan in 1985, focusing on developing and producing electronic transformers, ballasts and dimmers. Before investing in China in 1990, we had become the leading company of dimmable lighting in Taiwan. As time passes, the lighting evolves from halogen, CFL to LED. So we never stop developing new technologies and apply numbers of patents and certificates. Today, IoT and smart lighting change the whole industry, but both of them have to be based on reliable power supply and dimming technology, and these two factors are our core-value all the time. Whenever, R&D is our first priority. And driving us here is our passion for lighting.


We’re lighting up the world, one driver at a time.

For us, the light is not only about lighting, but representing our civilization.
Further, the power supply and control device are the bases of the light.
If the base collapsed, nothing would last.
So our products are all with five-year warranty and environmentally-friendly.
With them, we hope to make the world safer, greener, and smarter.


We cooperate with major electronics companies to develop new circuits.
And with our own technologies, we design new product for our customers and help them to get to the market first.
For us, reputation is everything.
Once we design an exclusive product for you, no one would have the same in your region.


The light is composed of four elements, power, control, structure, and luminaries.Except for luminaries, we can design everything for you.That means you can choose the brand of LED chip you prefer, and we will take care of everything else.