LED Driver

Reliable. Drive all your imagination of lighting.

Accurate and Stable

Today, people have more and more imagination about lighting, and these applications can’t work without accurate and stable power supply. Our latest drivers are just created for that purpose.

The whole body is screw-less design. And the compact size makes it easy to install in any space. They are equipped with numerous exclusive technologies, compatible with both leading and trailing edge dimmers and with high efficiency and power factor. Even if the input power fluctuates, the output current remains stable and accurate. Drive all your imagination of lighting.

LED Driver Features

  • Compact Size

    Small, but powerful.

  • Quick Connector

    Easy to install.

  • Isolated

    Safe to use.

  • Power Factor Correction

    PF improved to 0.95.

  • Stable Current

    Tolerance of output current in 1%.

  • Wide Range of Load

    Drive different types of load.

  • Compatibility

    For both leading and trailing edge dimmers.

  • Fireproof Plastic

    Pass 94V0.

  • 5-Year Warranty

    5-Year Warranty.

  • Efficiency Compensation

    Efficiency improved to 0.86.


Professional Team

We realize cultural diversity is one of the most wonderful things in the world. So the lighting should follow the local culture, making your life even brighter. With our passion and profession, we can provide dimmable lighting solution beyond your expectation.

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