Digital Dimmer

Smarter. Thinks ahead for you.

New Field of Dimming

Digital dimmer brings dimming into a new field.
The Smarter Dimmer think ahead for you. No matter what kind of loads,
leading or trailing edge, you have, just install our dimmers and everything is ready to go.

Simple, but it works well.

Core 2 Dim

Core2Dim is the trademark of Kaoyi's digital dual-core dimming technology, and our new generation dimmers will all be equipped with this technology. With the trademark, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. The dimmer with this technology not only works with each kind of loads (such as electronic transformers, fans, LED drivers, etc.) but also make them more efficient. This trademark will be licensed to our customers around the world in order to differentiate our digital dimmers from general analog products.

LED Dimmer Features

  • Compact Size

    Small, but powerful.

  • Two Way Dimming

    Control from different sides.

  • 64 Dimming Levels

    Dim from 0~100%.

  • Fireproof Plastic

    Pass 94V0.

  • 5-Year Warranty

    5-Year Warranty.

  • Dimming Memory Function

    Remember the brightness when you turn off the light.

  • Mini-Load Start

    Minimum load is only about 2 W.


Professional Team

We realize cultural diversity is one of the most wonderful things in the world. So the lighting should follow the local culture, making your life even brighter. With our passion and profession, we can provide dimmable lighting solution beyond your expectation.

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