Smart Lighting

Generally, Smart Lighting with wireless control is operating as follows :

Use a device (such as mobile phone) equipped with Wi-Fi, BLE or Zigbee module to control a driver equipped with the same module.

Currently, the price of these modules is relatively high, so if each light fixture has to be equipped with a module, it would be expensive and a waste of energy.

We think different.
We use the dimmer as the control center. We only install a set of module on the dimmer to control the loads; that is, you don’t have to change your lights. You only need to replace the original dimmer with Kaoyi dimmer to enable wireless control, or even do more applications through the APP.

And we still provide you the typical solution of Zigbee.

Professional Team

We realize cultural diversity is one of the most wonderful things in the world. So the lighting should follow the local culture, making your life even brighter. With our passion and profession, we can provide dimmable lighting solution beyond your expectation.

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