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It’s all about your imagination.

Table Lamp

This is for task lighting as the child lamp. Instead of independent device in the tube, this device is dependent. Easy to control the light on the table. Make you work more efficiently.

Floor Lamp

As general lighting, the specification of the floor lamp is as same as the mother lamp. In addition to the tube device, we provide you the foot-slider which enables you to control the lamp easily with your foot.

Mother Child

Mother : Mother lamp is for general lighting. For traditional electronic transformer, there are three types of output power for the mother lamp, 150W,300W, and 500W. Our device has three different types of power (12W,24W,36W) to replace them, making the output lumen from LED as same as the traditional halogen lamp and saving the energy.

Child : Child lamp is for task lighting, so the brightness has to be beyond 500 lumens. The output power of our device is about 6W, so you can easily have 600 lumens with your LED lamp.

Wall Lamp

Wall lamp is for accent lighting, drawing attention and creating visual interest.

With compact size and 6W output, this device can easily be installed in the lamp and provide enough power, driving your emotion.

Professional Team

We realize cultural diversity is one of the most wonderful things in the world. So the lighting should follow the local culture, making your life even brighter. With our passion and profession, we can provide dimmable lighting solution beyond your expectation.

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