More than lighting.

Lights are not merely illumination but a symbol of the constant evolution
and prospect of human civilization.

From candlelight to solid-state lighting,
human struggle, dream, inspire, and create for a better tomorrow;
at once, lights kept our head up high by driving out darkness of life.
As the precious embers of old fires were discovered, our times began to sparkle.
Some stories burst into laughter while some broke into tears.

No matter when and where, hope rises when light shines.

Where there is light, there is hope.
With this passion and responsibility rooted in mind,
we would never settle.

Kaoyi, founded in 1985, devoted itself in developing the latest technology to power and control lights in different eras. We provide the most comfortable lighting experience for users to go with various atmospheres in need.

The popularity of smart lighting and human centric lighting has been a blast throughout recent years. Lighting is not solely to brighten space up but has everything to do with emotions, health, and safety likewise, bringing opportunities of illumination to light. Reliable drivers and dimming technology is the base of a perfectly constructed smart lighting system. Advanced technology and customized services are what we are proud of ourselves. We are confident in foreseeing the market trend and creating valuable lighting solutions to our lifetime customers.

We boldly assume the future of lighting and make the most out of technology to drive your perspective to lights beyond imagination.

Over 30 years of devotion.

Tracing back to the summit of halogen lamp and the upsurge of LED, Kaoyi has accumulated multifaceted experiences and sweep-the-globe products.

Top quality has consistently been our persistence. Persistence that will forever endure.



300W Electronic Transformer
Plastic housing, Efficiency 96% , Lifetime 10 years
60W Electronic Transformer
Plastic housing, Efficiency 93%, Lifetime 10 years


Foot Dimmer

Our foot dimmer offers an option to control dimmable lights, making light control more convenient for our lifetime customers.


Mother-Child Dimmer

We are the first to satisfy the demand of mother-child dimmers around the world. The functional mother-child lamp has taken the trend by storm in the 90s, with a mother lamp illuminating the surrounding and a child lamp to assist reading.



Being the first to pass energy star A2, CFLs from Kaoyi are guaranteed with 30,000 hours of product lifetime, which doubled the lifetime of most CFLs in the market; and also, he CRI of our lamps can easily reach above 85. By replacing Mercury with Amalgam, CFLs are eco-friendlier than ever, making the most out of the components on hands.



Our compact-sized GU10 has a great advantage of possessing the same size as a halogen GU10 but simultaneously achieve 30-40% more lumen output comparing to others. By carrying a built-in dimmable driver, the dimming performance stay at high standard with the dimming compensation technology, keeping our lights competitive in the industry.


Non-Neutral Structure for Smart Dimmers

Our ZigBee and Bluetooth dimmers are equipped with the non-neutral structure, allowing easy installation in old houses without the need to rewire the whole power system.


Dim-to-Warm Patent

The patent right of our dim-to-warm technology offers the options to choose in between the color temperature you prefer. The color gets warmer when dimming down and goes the opposite when dimming up, generating various kinds of atmospheres by adjusting merely the lights.


Self-Developed Dimmer ASIC

With the robust foundation from decades of dimming experience and technology, the self-developed analog IC from Kaoyi considerably enhanced the efficacy of dimmers, bringing higher product reliability, minimizing safety concerns, as well as maximizing dimming performance. Equipped with self-programmed digital MCU, our dimmers offer the best lighting experience throughout the integration of software and hardware.

Let alone the mysteries abound and excitement grows.

There are infinite possibilities of lights, whereas the era ahead is built upon a bed of breakthrough technologies.
As a member of DiiA and ZHAGA Consortium, our in-depth knowledge to dimmers, drivers, and heat diffusion structure allows us to turn our imaginative ideas into reality.

We kept on racing ahead along the way, with a large number of patents and certifications being the best advertisement for product development.

100% quality control in house.

All Kaoyi factories are built and operated by our own to ensure the stability of product lines and the safety of personnel.

We insist on full inspection in and between every station and 100% burn-in test before shipment for comprehensive control of quality.


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